Phase I: Big Bang

The first 5,000 planets that will be located in the center of Solanio universe

Solanio NFT Planets
We will have 3 different batches for phase I. In total, there will be 5000 unique NFTs sold.

  • Batch #1(First 1000): 2.5 SOL - 21:00 UTC Oct 27, 2021
  • Batch #2(Second 1000): 3.0 SOL - To be announced soon
  • Batch #3(Remaining 3000): 3.5 SOL - To be announced soon
Yes! We are partnering with DigitalEyes and Solsea. Our collection has been verified on both places. You can click here to see our collection on DigitalEyes. Click here to see Solsea collections.
Yes, we do. All of our 5000 NFTs are generated algorithmically using 4 different traits: Planet, Resident, Satellite and Cluster.
There are 100 clusters in the universe, and each cluster contains 50 planets.
These are some of the perks you get:
  • A Unique Planet Art
  • A Virtual Real Estate
  • Ability To Publish A Metaverse Game